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Hello, I'm Em!

Gosh, this is like writing an online dating profile!! Here it goes.....

I'm a 29 year old everyday woman with the mind of an old lady. I like to try and keep updated with all the latest fashion and beauty trends however lately the most important things in my life have changed to food, fun and laughter, whenever and wherever that may be!

I started blogging as a complete novice in 2012 as a hobby when I was living in the middle of the countryside and my obsession with the latest beauty products took over my life. Em's Mixed Bag started as a beauty blog and has now grown up with me into a lifestyle blog about absolutely anything and everything; beauty, food, everyday life, fashion, personal experiences and general chit chat with hopefully a dash of fun thrown in for good measure.

My hobbies, aside from being an avid blog reader and writer, are visiting new places, holidays and weekends away, spending time with the people I love, trying new experiences, reading, walking, cooking, watching films, eating in and out and anything that involves laughing a lot!

I write reviews, news and my own views on anything that pops into my little head.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact me any time via email - emsmixedbag@hotmail.com or why not send me a Tweet on Twitter @emsmixedbag1.



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