How to Save Money on Your Wedding

As many of you know I am getting married next year (you can follow some of my wedding plans over on my Instagram HERE). So I am always on the look out for hints and tips! So the below collaborative post seemed very fitting!

What are your top tips for planning a wedding, please let me know in the comments below.....

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There’s a lot to pay for when it comes to your wedding, especially as you want to make it a day you’ll never forget. However, the costs can quickly spiral out of control and it pays to make savings wherever possible.

If you are planning on getting hitched in the near future, here’s how to save money on your wedding.

Make a budget

Probably the most important thing to do first of all is to set out a budget. Use a budget planner to set a limit on what you can afford to spend. It then becomes easier to track where the money is going so you are aware of what you can invest into each separate element of the wedding. With so many things go cover, it’s vitally important you stay in control of your funds so you get the day you deserve.

Set an off-peak date

Summer weddings are the most desirable, for obvious reasons, but they are also the most expensive as venues tend to charge more. Avoid booking on Saturdays as this is another premium booking day, along with bank holidays and Valentine’s Day. Booking a date in the winter will be cheaper, and a time slot of late morning or afternoon will trim some pounds as catering meals generally cheaper to organise instead of full-on evening courses.

Favours from friends and family

Hiring a DJ, photographer, florist and chauffeur for the day will quickly add to the costs. But it’s likely that some of the people coming will be able to offer their skills in return for not buying you a wedding present. That means you still get all the essentials you need for the day, but without having to pay ridiculous professional prices.

Raising the cash

If you are struggling to find ways to raise the cash needed to pay for your wedding, you could also give consideration to taking out a short term loan. You won’t have to pay it back in one sum and it means you will have the money you need to make a fantastic day. Before committing, make sure the company is FCA registered and that you are able to repay the loan in full without any problems.

Compare quotes

Don’t just take the first or cheapest quote available. Shop around and get three quotes for each service you want to use, from hiring a venue and getting a wedding cake, to using a hairdresser and hiring a DJ. Cheaper quotes can also be used as leverage to drive down prices from your preferred supplier. Never be afraid to haggle – you never know what you might get in return!

Use a pre-loved wedding dress

There’s no denying that wedding dresses are expensive and add a lot to the final bill for your wedding. However, grabbing a pre-loved wedding dress will save you a lot of money and still make sure you look sensational. Remember, the dress has only ever be worn once for about half-a-day, so it is still relatively untouched and it ensures you stay within your tight budget too.


I will definitely be taking these tips on board as I have absolutely no idea what I am letting myself in for!!!



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