LQ Liquid Health - Skin, Hair & Nails Review

I am very lucky to have super thick hair and always get complimented on it, but what people don't often see is the condition of it. It breaks like mad and falls out soooo much, I am surprised I have any left! I also have had a battle with my nails recently after years of having gel polish/shellac on them and then there is my skin.....which is similar to a hormonal teenager, even though I am at the ripe old age of 31! I had perfect skin when I was a teenager so I suppose it had to come at some point.

When I was kindly gifted 20 days worth of LQ Liquid Health I was very excited to test it out.....

LQ Liquid Health - Skin, Hair & Nails

"Liquid health supplements have faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates and are more easily digestible, than other methods of taking supplements. This is called bioavailability. LQs high bioavailability means it’s easier to absorb and there is a greater benefit from each dose, compared with other supplement brands.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients in our health supplements. We can trace every ingredient we use to its source. We also ensure that we meet or exceed European standards for health and safety throughout the formulation process. Providing you with an LQ range you can trust."

Why a liquid rather than a pill? I have never really thought about why a liquid would be more beneficial than a pill but apparently liquid supplements are more powerful as they have a higher absorption rate than pills and they are higher in concentrate.....which all means more goodness!
"Liquid supplements are:More Powerful, with 10 active ingredientsA Tastier Experience, better than a hand full of pillsMore Effective, with faster absorption, higher optimisation and more easily digestibleHighly Concentrated, more ingredients than 10+ pills."

The BIG question though.....what does it taste like?

Honestly.....it's not my cup of tea. It's not offensive and it can be downed in 2 gulps, I did master it in one gulp so I didn't have to endure the after-taste twice but that's just me being dramatic! It's a berry flavour, thick liquid with an acquired after-taste, my fiance tried and he he had no issues at all and just laughed at me while i drank mine everyday.

Has it made a difference after 20 days? 

Yes, I do think it has for my nails most definitely. Before taking the supplement my nails were weak, brittle and had a rough texture and now they are thicker, stronger and much smoother. My hair seems to be falling out and breaking a lot less, which is very noticeable for me as usually when I was my hair it looks like a small animal has got stuck in the plug hole - glam! And this isn't happening as much - WINNING! 

My skin however is still misbehaving, maybe I should replace prosecco with water and I might be on to something.....

Bottom - Before - Top - After

Would I recommend this product?

I think I would. It seems pricey to begin with but I don't think I have ever taken vitamin tablets which can be pricey themselves, which has given me a noticeable difference.

Do you use a supplements as part of your beauty regime?

*Thank you so much LQ Liquid Health*



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