The Key to Success: A Well Equipped Handbag!

Handbags are just great aren’t they? Not only are they the perfect way to accessorise and spruce up your outfit, but they’re so practical. With a well equipped bag, you can simply grab it whenever you leave the house and know that you’re not going to be caught short. Here are a few essentials to consider adding to yours.

Clear out the clutter- regularly!

We all know how handbags can be clutter traps- from snack wrappers to receipts and any other junk you use on a daily basis will get thrown into your bag if there’s no bin nearby. For this reason, you need to get into the habit of regularly clearing it out. The last thing you need when you’re looking for something important is to be sifting through crumbs and used tissues so get in the habit of emptying it regularly!


Even if you usually use your phone to pay for purchases, it’s always a good idea to have a purse with you too. Pop in a twenty pound note and some coins too so you always have it there for emergencies.

A Pouch for Tech

Our phones are incredibly important to us. Chances are yours is your most prized possession, we spend lots of money on them and personalise them with things like KK phone cases. We insure them and have them with us constantly. However, we all know how stressful it is being out somewhere for the day and running out of battery. As well as a line of communication, our phones are our maps, our reminders and to-do lists, a way to order an Uber or check the train times. Don’t ever be caught short, invest in a good portable phone charger. You could always put in a spare wall charger and lead too as an additional backup, it won’t add much weight to your bag but could be a lifesaver if you needed it. Lots of coffee shops, cafes, trains and more have plugs these days you can use. You could pop in your headphones into your little tech pouch too and keep everything together without having to rummage through your bag.


Ever been stuck on a long train or bus ride home and your head is pounding? Perhaps period pains have kicked in, or you just feel generally unwell. A couple of painkillers could make your day a lot more pleasant, the same applies with plasters too. Pop a few in your bag in case you get a blister.

A Water Bottle

We all know we should be doing more to help the planet, and cutting back on plastic is one easy way. Instead of spending money and adding to single use plastics in landfill by buying water bottles, bring your own instead. Go with a lightweight water bottle that wont add much weight once it’s empty, and spend a little more on one that’s leak proof.


Finally, a couple of bits of makeup to retouch your face if needed can be really useful. Maybe you’ve got a bit hot and sweaty on the way to work and need to sort your skin out, or perhaps you've been invited to drinks after work. A swipe of lipstick will have you feeling much more confident! You could go a step further and put a fold up hairbrush and a small vial of perfume in there too.

What are your essentials for your handbag?



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