July Beauty Discoveries.....

It's been a while since I have written a beauty related post. Mainly because I have been trying not to spend a stupid amount of money on unnecessary things, plus I have quite a good routine with which products I like and I know what works for me, however this month I have bought some new products that I want to give a little shout out to!

I have been using this powder for what seems like months and it has hardly gone down at all and I use it every single day! I was getting annoyed with my pressed powders cracking halfway through and making a huge mess so I switched to this loose baking powder where I decant a small amount with each use and cover my entire face in it. It not only helps keep my oily skin looking matte but it also helps set me makeup in place.

I used to use Urban Decay All Nighter but Superdrug lured me in with their 3 for 2 offer while I was picking up a foundation. I saw this and thought I would give it a go. I use a couple of spritzes over my face daily and it is seeming to last a very long time with good setting powers. Is it as good as my beloved UD? Maybe not quite, but it is a close second from the ones I have tested out in the past.

Federico Mahora Perfume 20 £14.99 for 50ml

I have heard about FM Perfume many years ago but never tried them. I came across a local lady selling these perfumes on Instagram (@scentsationsUK) so I thought I would give one a go. They are basically scents based on our favourite brand's perfumes but at a fraction of the cost. I chose number 20 which smells just like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I have been using it everyday as my daytime perfume since May and I have still got over a third left of the 50ml bottle! I have had lots of compliments on the scent and the staying power is pretty damn good.

This perfume is insane!!! Yes it's pricey but so, so worth it! It almost reminds me of Giorgio Armani Si but it does have it's own unique twist. This is definitely my 'special occasion' perfume but I can't get enough on it. If I win the Lotto I swear I am going to bathe in it. And how cute is the bottle!!!

"A sparkling cocktail of freshness mixing the colourful and rich notes of pomegranate with ginger flower. A combination of orange blossom and fresh ginger create a scent that is more special and mysterious. At the heart of this delicious creation, dangerously gourmand Datura flower envelopes its petals in caramel to unveil its most sensuous and addictive facets." ~ Azzaro

So this isn't technically a new discovery, I bought this from my hairdresser ages ago, only used it a few times and forgot about it. I have been using it recently and I can 100% tell the difference in my hair. I apply a pea-sized amount to damp hair and dry as usual. It leaves my hair feeling smoother and it takes me less time to straighten - win win!

ALDI can't do anything wrong in my eyes! I have been a total convert to food shopping there over the past few months and these face wipes are a bargain! I usually use Wilko face wipes which are 50p but I always find the top wipes to be dray and the bottom soaking wet! These wipes are all moist and get rid of makeup with ease!

Have you tried any of these products out yet?



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