Where do you find the latest online deals?

You may know, if you follow me on Instagram, that I have recently moved house and bloody hell that is not cheap! Deposit, months rent up front, moving charges, admin fees.....they all mount up! So recently I have decided to try and curb my spending.

As I work in a city centre it is so easy to spend money on your lunch break without even realising it, £10 here, £20 there, oh look, I really need that Jo Malone candle for £47!

*If anyone sees me with anything remotely unnecessary in my hand, feel free to remove it from me.....please!*

We all love a discount don't we?! So I have taken to the internet to find the best deals and discounts I can (even a good freebie isn't out of the questions these days either).

I used to be a serial online shopper but I haven't  been for a while, because, as I mentioned above, popping to the shops has been so much easier! Nowadays there are SO many websites that are there to save you money on a whole range of items, from Health & Beauty, to Home Furnishing and even Alcohol (probably a bad discovery for me).

I was told about a website called LatestDeals* recently and I haven't been disappointed! They are a free website which directs you to the best deals and freebies.

Urrrrmmm flavoured Absolute Vodka for almost half the price with free delivery - yes please!

An Amazon discount finder which allows you to find the best deals on amazon within your budget without having to trawl through endless pages of results?

Domino's code finder (that actually works in your local area) - sign me up! How annoying is it when you really fancy a Domino's and non of the voucher codes work?!

And a section all about flash sales and freebies - need I say more?! I have actually got many freebies from this website, and they have loads! I am allllll about the odd freebie here and there!

This website has also been featured and recommended by loads of big names such as Cosmopolitan, The LADbible (yes, I love The LADbible, their Facebook and Instagram has me in stitches) and more.

I would definitely have a browse of LatestDeals but if you have any other suggestions for any great places to find discounts then please let me know in the comments!

Have you ever used LatestDeals for any bargain purchases or freebies?



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