What Makes Me Happy #2

It's been a year since I last wrote a 'What Makes Me Happy' post (inspired by Cat who writes The Lovecats Inc) - where does time go?! Sooooo much has changed in my life since then and as I was browsing through my photos on my phone and I realised the past year (in particular the last 6 months) has been pretty damn incredible!!!

So, What Makes Me Happy?

Travelling - I have never been a 'traveller'. I would usually just go on normal holidays to places not too far away as I have never been a great flyer, but after my recent adventure to Bali I am 100% converted to travelling further away and seeing parts of the world I never thought I would. I can't wait to plan more adventures!

Cooking - I have always enjoyed cooking but recently I have been trying to make something new every week. There is something really satisfying about cooking a meal from scratch and it being super delicious. I always find inspiration from the BBC Good Food website - am I sounding like an old lady?! Probably, but I don't care!

Finally feeling happy in myself - In the past year I have grown as a person. I used to doubt myself a lot and I would get particularly anxious about small things such as meeting new people, doing something I hadn't done before or going somewhere new. I now feel able to do new things, meet lots of new people, I believe in myself a lot more, take a risks and this makes me very happy!

Spending time with people that matter - The older I get the smaller my circle of friends have become, but this isn't a bad thing! I have an amazing group of people around me and I love spending time with them, either going for a glass bottle of wine, meeting up for a coffee or stuffing our faces with delicious food.

And the small things that make me smile.....

Going for coffee
Being in my PJ's (I probably spend far too much time in mine)
A new pair of socks
Receiving a pretty card
Buying a new candle
Making someone else smile
Getting my nails done
Watching a pretty sunset
Reading a good quote
Receiving an unexpected message from someone close to me

What makes you happy?



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