Picking a Wedding Venue

If you read my blog regularly you will know I recently got engaged - exciting!!! But as I have never been married before the thought of planning a wedding scares the sh*t out of me! Where on earth do you start?!

I spoke to a few friends and they advised to start with looking at venues, but as I have never been the type of person who has dreamt of a big white wedding and planned every detail since I was a little girl, this seems like a massive task too! What is most important to me and my fiance? What styles do we like? What setting do we want to be in? There is so much to think about!

I live in Cheshire which has SO many places to choose from - barns, hotels, castles and more - this seems like far too much choice for someone like me who is extremely indecisive - I find it hard to decide what to have for tea let alone where to spend the best day of my life!

I decided to take to the internet to ask some fellow bloggers what their tops tips are for picking a venue.....
"Definitely think about the weather implications for your chosen date! We got married in October, and went to look at a beautiful barn but there was no covered walkway between the areas (so everyone would have got soaked if it rained)." - Gemma who writes Mummy's Waisted.
"Ask about other weddings that might be happening there at the same time. For some people it’s not a problem but for me it was important to have a private and intimate event so I didn’t want someone else’s wedding happening in the same building at the same time as mine." - Kate who writes Ever After With Kids.
"Attentive staff. Ours got so carried away with watching the action they forgot to press record on the video camera." - Susan who writes Edinburgh Mummy.
"Go and see your venue in bad weather if possible. If you still love it when it’s pouring with rain, it’s the one." Katie who writes Bullet Point Parenting.
"We wanted somewhere we felt we could rely on, first impressions played a big part in this!" - Emma who writes Emma's Jots.
"If you see a venue you like, but think may be above your budget - still make an enquiry! I still can’t believe our dream venue was in our budget. There’s also ways to lower costs, some venues offer discounts for mid-week or out of season weddings!" - Suzanne who writes And Ruby Makes Four. 
"Remember to keep your personality in mind. It is too easy to get caught up with the expectations of other but, ultimately, it has to fit your vision. For me, I just wanted the willow tree in my Mum's garden and so that what we did. People thought it was weird but it was us .. and it was great, even if it did rain all day." Charlotte who writes CurvyGirlThin.
"Work out a vague number for daytime guests and evening guests before looking. There’s no point looking around a venue that seats 75 if you want 100. And work out your budget!!" Sarah who writes Dream of Home.

I had so many tips which have definitely got me thinking about what's important when deciding on a venue, but am I any closer to deciding what sort of venue we want?! Nope!! What I do know though is that there is certainly a lot to think about when planning a wedding - let the stress/fun begin!!!

What are your top tips for finding the perfect venue?

If you are a Cheshire venue who likes to take the stress away from the bride and groom then please feel free to get in touch!!! HELP!!!



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