Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

When it comes to mascara, I am a fussy little madam. I am not easily impressed as my short lashes need something magical to make them look amazing and I do not do false lashes! At the age of 29 I still haven't mastered them, so I doubt I ever will, I rely heavily on good quality mascaras!

My go-to usually is L'Oreal Paradise or False Lash X Fibre mascara but recently I was sent Urban Decay's NEW Troublemaker to test out.....

"Troublemaker Mascara delivers lashes that look 13.7x the volume. 
Our formula volumizes and lengthens as it separates, while our custom brush grabs onto lashes, curling as it coats. We loaded up this mascara with insane benefits—for thicker, longer and fanned-out looking lashes 
Start stirring up trouble with your badass lashes. This formula layers beautifully without clumping, so pile on as many coats as you want. The more Trouble, the better."

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara RRP £19.50

First of all, how amazing is the packaging?! 

This mascara claims to make your lashes super fat, super long and sex proof! I haven't tried out the sex proof but I can give you a review on the rest of the claims.....

I have always been a big fan of a rubber wand, so I am happy to see Urban Decay have used this inside Troublemaker. Some of the strands on the wand are longer than others, so when you are applying it I would be very careful not to poke yourself in the eye - doing that once will make sure you don't do it again, and yes I am speaking from experience.

My pictures don't do it justice. I've realised it's really bloody hard to take decent pictures of your own eyes, but I had to share some sort of pictures with you to show you the length my short stubby lashes got from ONE COAT of Troublemaker.

I am really impressed! I love the packaging, I love the look and it lasts all day (whether it is sex proof is still questionable but I am happy with a full day at work without any panda eyes).

Have you tried Troublemaker yet? If not, what is your favourite mascara?



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