No Excuses - 5 Simple Ways To Start Taking Better Care Of Yourself!

Recently I have not really been taking good care of myself, sometimes life can be so busy and things happen to us that can slow us down, emotionally and physically, and we forget to stop and look after ourselves!

So last night I dragged myself off the sofa and went on a power walk for the first time in what seems like a lifetime - almost 5K isn't too bad for someone who has moved much unless it's walking to get food or drink! And you know what, I feel great for it and it got me thinking about what small things I can do to take better care of myself and stop being so lazy!

1. "I don't have time work out....."

This is something I would always to say to myself, when in fact, what is 30 minutes out of your day?! Nothing. You would only be spending that time browsing the internet, watching TV or generally not doing much. I have roped my friends into coming with me and planned to go to a work out class together - make it fun - and you will definitely feel so much better once you have done it once or twice!

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2. "It's so much easier to grab a takeaway than cook....."

OK, so this statement might be true, but how much does it cost?! And do you feel good after stuffing your face with a mountain of fried food - nope! Some meals take literally minutes, there are some great ideas on the BBC website, especially for the singletons among us, and I always feel really good creating something delicious. It doesn't have to take a long time, the key is to plan in advance. I am definitely not saying that the odd treat isn't good though - Singapore chow mein is my downfall!

3. "I don't have time to go to the doctors....."

In this day and age you don't even need to go to the doctors if you are feeling under the weather! Taking time off work to sit in a room full of sick people is my idea of hell, so if you are feeling a bit rubbish, you can have an online consultation on many websites such as The Independent Pharmacy and have whatever you need delivered to your door.

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4. "I'm constantly worrying about things and I feel my mind never gets a break....."

This was SO ME! I have recently downloaded an app called Headspace after it was recommended to me by two friends. It's a meditation app which is really, really good - it isn't cheesy and you don't have to sit cross legged humming to yourself. It talks you through how to relax your mind and I have found this really helpful.
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5. "I can't be bothered....."

If you take better care of yourself by making small changes, such as above, hopefully your mind set will change and eliminate the above statement, but if you are feeling down, usually from all of the above, then your mindset will not be great either. Do something as often as you can to push yourself and you will feel the benefits instantly. A positive mind will lead to a positive life.
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What are your simple tips to taking better care of yourself?



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