Lily Flame Dupes.....From ALDI!

ALDI is definitely one of the most talked about supermarkets at the moment aren't they?! They are bringing out lots and lots of copycat products, being very similar to well known brands we know and love.

At first it started with their skincare range Lacura being dubbed as better quality than high end skincare brands, then they brought out candles that are very similar to the Jo Malone range, then it was the Lacura mud mask which is a dead ringer for the cult hit Glamglow supermud face mask and now they have decided to excite us with more candles which look just like one of my personal favourite candle brands - Lily Flame.

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The range of 4 candles (my local ALDI only had 3 in stock) are Autumn themed and come in small tins which give them a Lily Flame look. They are priced at £2.79 each which is £6.16 cheaper than Lily Flame candles, so if you are on a budget they are perfect.

They do smell really, really good - Autumn Garden being my favourite!

I will not lie, they don't look as luxurious as Lily-Flame candles. The tins aren't as pristine, inside isn't as pretty and there are only 4 scents to choose from (Autumn Garden, Velvet Rose, Moonflower & Amber and Bathing Beauty) unlike Lily-Flame who have a massive selection for every occasion and mood, but for the price tag they are very good value. They burn well and the scent fills the room nicely, plus they are said to burn for around 20 hours.

It's another big thumbs up from me for ALDI, however these will not stop me buying Lily Flame candles as I adore them.

Have you jumped onto the ALDI bandwagon yet? I certainly have!



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