Gone are the days when Bingo was thought of as an old ladies game, where OAP's would gather at their local Mecca hall armed with their dabber pens and, if things got heated, walking sticks would be flying around. It's popularity has grown and grown over recent years and I personally love it. Bingo has become, dare I say it, quite trendy and everyone seems to be jumping on the Bingo band wagon!

I recently went to an event called Bongo Bingo (which is definitely not for the the faint-hearted) which is basically Bingo on steroids and a bloody good night out, think cheesy music, people making complete fools of themselves and everyone getting rather over excited, but I didn't win a single thing and my purse came home a lot lighter than it went out (I also came home with Coco Pops in my hair.....don't ask). But I have been lucky playing Bingo when I have been sat in the comfort of my own home, playing online.

I found that when I first started looking into playing online that there was so many websites offering 'sign up bonuses', it seemed to be a bit of a mine field as there can be lots of loopholes and you have to jump through 75 hoops of fire to actually be eligible for the cash bonus, so finding a website such as Bingo Kings is a good start, they review different websites and they make it pretty simple to find the right website for you, they even talk you through the registration process which is an added bonus - who wants to be filling out tons of forms when they could be winning money!

Bingo Kings

Anyway, I have had some pretty good wins online, from a few £10's here and there to bigger wins closer to £100, but with any kind of gambling - remember to do it in moderation and not get carried away, it's easily done!

Have you entered the online Bingo craze or do you go with your friends to a local bingo hall?

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