The Best Luxury British Fragrances

As I am getting a little bit older, I am appreciating more unique and different scents. I rarely head to Boots for the latest fragrances (apart from YSL Black Opium, that's always a go-to for me) and I tend to steer towards more luxurious fragrances from higher end brands, not only because I find the quality so much better and the staying power incredible but the different and unusual scent combinations really intrigue me.

So today I have put together a selection of the best luxury British fragrances from the Crème de la Crème of British companies to show you what scents are on offer from prestigious British brands, some well known and some that may not be so well known.

1. Clive Christian Perfume Sets - Clive Christian is an extremely high end luxury British interior and perfume company which prides itself on superb quality. The brand has been featured in the likes of Vogue and Stylist magazine! Their scents are uniquely complex and crafted with rare and precious ingredients - sounds incredible right?!

"CHYPRE - FLORAL - FLORIENTAL - FRUITY - Experience the regal 1872, exotic X and glittering No.1 perfumes elegantly presented in a luxury black coffret. The feminine case is delicately detailed with gold trimming. The most delightful gift for her."

2. Molton Brown Eau de Toilette - Molton Brown is a well known British high street brand and although may not be known for it's fragrances they really do smell divine. They source rare ingredients from around the world and pride themselves on being cruelty free. I have had a sample set from them before and the Rose Absolute is a firm favourite.

"An opulent, floral eau de toilette, evoking romantic femininity with Italian red rose, spicy pink pepper and sweet vanilla. Top notes: blackcurrant, pink pepper and raspberry. Heart notes: rose, violet leaf and geranium. Base notes: patchouli, labdanum and vanilla."

3. Jo Malone Cologne - Another very well known British brand which oozes understated style. It has distinct British qualities that are hugely popular. Jo Malone has become a name internationally and is not only famous for it's colognes but for it's luxurious candles too which last forever!

"Abundant grapefruit groves in coastal Spain. Rosemary, peppermint and pimento add perfect piquancy to grapefruit's bright and sunny nature. Uplifting and refreshing."

4. Penhaligons Fragrances - I am lucky enough to have a Penhaligons store in the city I live, Chester. The founder William Penhaligon was a Cornish baker who moved to London to create wildly creative fragrances and the company has been around for almost 150 years - WOW! Whenever I walk past this shop I literally fall in love, if you have a store near you - go and visit it, you won't regret it.

"Artemisia is a beautifully silky fragrance, inspired by romantic tales from Greek Mythology and named in honour of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt whose symbol was the Moon."

Do you enjoy unique scents as much as I do?



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