How Do You Keep Your Home Safe While On Holiday?

I am currently enjoying my last day on holiday. I am sat on a lounger in the sun with my iPad with not a care in the world.

A few years ago, if I was going on holiday I would always be thinking about my home while I was away, not that I wanted to be there, but thinking back as to whether I shut all of the windows or whether I had left something on. You know the feeling - did I lock the front door? Did I make sure the windows were shut properly? What if someone breaks in? But nowadays there are so many different products and ways that can help you make sure you have a relaxed and stress free holiday.

Luckily for me I live with a technology mad man who has an app or gadget for almost anything - I kid you not, we have a robot vacuum cleaner! Some of the things we have at home drive me mad, for example, Siri controlled lights - I am not allowed to touch a normal light switch at home, but others things are really useful, such as a notification and image to your phone when movement is activated at your front door so you can see who is there, especially handy if your waiting for a delivery and you want to know if it's arrived! Also we have an app to control our heating which is quite handy if you want to warm up the house before you get home, no one wants to arrive home after a holiday to a freezing cold house!

A really useful product for home safety is the Smarthome Panasonic System*. This system enables you to turn appliances on and off when you are away from your home and it gives you the ability to monitor your home while your away in many, many different ways. So, if you aren't that tech savvy, like myself, and you wanted a simple system in place then this is definitely a good option.

So what are my top tips for keeping your home safe while you are away?

1. Write a list and check it - lots!

Writing a to-do list is always useful, my other half insists in reading it over and over again which tests my patience but secretly I am really glad he is more organised than me.

2. Move in with a technology geek.

OK, if you already have a partner and they are non technological unfortunately this will not apply or you can borrow mine for the day?

3. Invest in a home security system.

Self explanitary - I would highly recommend investing in a home security system, it really does give you peace of mind while you are away, whether that be on holiday, a day out or if you have just popped to the shops, you can view and control it from almost anywhere.

How do you keep your home secure?



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