Have You Ever Had A Digital Detox?

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know that I have been on holiday for the past week (hence why it being a little bit quiet on here) to lovely Lazarote - I will post all about it for you soon. While I was away I had all of the best intentions to have a 'Digital Detox' but did that happen.....NOPE! It's so hard not to share all of the wonderful things I had seen with you guys.

So, what is a digital detox then? Exactly what it says, a detox from all online platforms and gadgets, have you ever considered doing it?

I have had a digital detox before. In 2015 my blog and social media was becoming more of a chore than a passion. It put a pressure on me to be online all of the time and it started getting in the way of normal life, and to be honest I had lost my blogging mojo a little bit too so I decided to take an overdue digital detox. I think it did me the world of good and my blogging mojo is most definitely back!

I read a really interesting article on Webgazette about a survey done by Cartridge Save which included some eye opening statistics.....65% of the 1,026 people who took part, enjoy taking time offline and 88% of the worlds population have some form of online presence, that's a whole load of people right?!

You can read the full article HERE, it's definitely worth a read!

Digital Detoxing
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The people surveyed were also asked about their favourite offline hobby, which got me thinking about what my offline hobbies are? I enjoy spending time with my close friends, shopping, cooking, reading and days out with my boyfriend, I also love just spending time on my own listening to music. Popular answers of the people surveyed were baking, up-cycling furniture and the most popular in the younger generation - which I am still bracketed in thankfully - was bullet journaling.

I write bullet journals myself, well in the notes on my phone but it's offline so it counts, whenever I want to remember something, write down feelings, something I have seen or even tell someone something in that moment I add it to my notes app, mainly because I'm forgetful but it's a good way of writing in the moment, do you do this?

After a fantastic week away with a little bit of a detox (I didn't blog but I was online posting pretty pictures) I think it is important to sometimes put down your phone, laptop or iPad and do something you enjoy doing in the real world, not virtual, and this is something I am going to definitely make more plans to do from now on, but don't worry, I think I will always be an Instagram addict!

I would love to know what your offline hobbies are? Let me know in the comments.

*Information from a press release by Cartridge Save*



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