Hair Dye Gone Wrong!

I have been dying my hair at home for years, I would love to be able to go to the hairdressers but I don't for one simple reason - I have never found one that I trust.

I have religiously used Nice'n'Easy (Natural Light Ash Blonde) home dye kits for years but now and again I am tempted away by new kits or offers in Boots or Superdrug. This time I was tempted by L'Oreal Preference Infinia, the reason being was that they have a Colour Extender which you apply after 3 or 4 weeks to enhance your shade which sounded great so I picked shade Copenhagen 8.1 Light Ash Blonde.

I applied it as normal and as it was developing my boyfriend pointed out how dark it was, now usually this wouldn't bother me as when I use Nice'n'Easy my hair goes a ginger shade when it's developing but this time it was going very dark!

I washed it off, used the conditioner provided and started to dry it, this is when I noticed it was not the colour I was expecting. Not only was the shade a grey toned dark blonde it hadn't taken to all of my hair even though I used 2 bottles because my hair is very thick and long. So I looked like this.....


It's Sunday, I have work tomorrow and I look like a and old lady/patchwork quilt - what do I do?!


My first thought was to send my boyfriend to the shops for another dye but after a search on Google I decided that that was a very bad idea as the new dye could react with the dye on my head and create it's own colour, this was definitely not worth the risk.


Then I thought about using Colour B4. I have never tried it but I have seen people talk about it online so again I took to Google to see if that was a good idea. The reviews were very mixed, it also sounded like a lengthy process with no guaranteed results so I decided against that too.


The thought of going to see a hairdresser was brought up by my boyfriend but it's Sunday, nowhere would be open. We then both sat searching online for more ideas of what to do.....

I found some information on the L'Oreal website saying to wash your hair again with a shampoo NOT meant for coloured hair so I immediately jumped in the shower and started scrubbing away. I then remembered a conversation I had with a friend years ago about using washing up liquid on her hair to strip it of product build up so I thought I should give it a go, anything was worth a shot at this point.

Now using washing up liquid will dry your hair out massively so I wouldn't recommend using this all of the time but this was an emergency. I used a normal shampoo sized amount and lathered it up, I could instantly tell the dye was coming out. After a few shampoos I conditioned my hair twice, leaving the conditioner in for a while each time.

Did it work? YES! It has not completely stripped the colour, but it has faded it and made the colour more bearable for me until I decide to either go to the hairdressers or wait a few weeks and dye it myself with my trusty Nice'n'Easy!

Please excuse the kink in my hair - I had not finished straightening it when we took this photo!


You can see that the grey tone has gone and the patchy effect has also faded.

I would definitely not recommend using Infinia by L'Oreal as the shade on the box is very misleading but if you do have a hair dye disaster then run to your kitchen and grab that bottle of washing up liquid as soon as possible!

Have you ever had a hair dye disaster? What did you do?



  1. Oh my god that's a brilliant trick?! How have I never heard of it! My hair looked like that when I was going from blond to grey (all patchy and crap you might have seen it on my Insta) but the next coat of grey hair dye made it all look much more even and grey. Phew! x


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