Some Of My Favourite Blogs - 2016

I love blogging, I love sharing what's going on in my life or what I have been buying and lusting over but aside from blogging myself, I love reading blogs!

I use Bloglovin' to follow my favourite blogs (you can find me HERE) and I will often spend a few hours catching up on other bloggers thoughts, purchases and everything else in between! So I thought I would share my favourite blogs that I will always check out religiously each week.

1. Beauty Queen UK

I have followed Rachel for many years now and her blog is still one of my favourites, she updates her content everyday and she has some great, detailed reviews, especially her beauty reviews! Rachel also reads blogs herself and is very much part of the blogging community which I just love. Rachel's husband also blogs over at Beauty King UK which I often have a browse though for ideas for my other half!

2. Hello Terri Lowe

Hello, Terri Lowe | UK Blogger

I have met Terri once in the past at a blogging event and as I didn't know anyone she was kind enough to meet me beforehand along with Charl who writes Ginger Girl Says (another awesome blog) - Terri is great! She writes things as she would say it and her blog is full of great pieces, I especially like how she gets her personality into her writing, honest reviews and your bound to have a giggle reading her blog.

3. Hope, Freedom, Love

Hope Freedom Love

Stephanie's blog is another one I regularly check out, she also does great detailed beauty reviews with the odd lifestyle post thrown in for good measure - a bit like my blog! I love Stephanie's pictures and the layout of her blog is so neat and easy on the eye!

4. Let's Talk Beauty


Unbiased beauty product reviews & tips

I have been following Vicki's blog for what seems like a lifetime! Vicki's blog is well laid out, it's clean, tidy and her pictures are always eye catching. Her blog is full of great beauty reviews and she keeps you up to date with all the latest and greatest products.

5. Glossy Boutique

Glossy Boutique

Another blogger who's blog has evolved, like mine, from predominantly beauty to everything lifestyle! Emma is recently married and is now pregnant so I love reading her journey through her pregnancy, I feel like I know her well. Emma and I once did a Christmas Secret Santa through Matalan 3 years ago so I know she has extremely good taste and I trust her reviews.

6. Big Fasionista

Big Fashionista

As it says above, Kellie says what we are all thinking! She is brilliant, you are guaranteed a laugh reading Kellie's blog, you must take a read (if you don't follow her already).

7. A Slice Of My Life Wales
A Slice of My Life Wales

Leanne's blog is a proper lifestyle blog, from food, pets, parenting to money saving tips! I love that Leanne tracks how much she makes from her blog and she is very open and honest in all of her posts.

8. Cityscape Bliss

homepage logo

Another great everyday lifestyle blog from Tereza, she has the most beautiful cat and her pictures are just amazing, I could look through her pictures all day, especially on Instagram!

These are just a small few of the 100+ blogs I visit regularly, the post would be far too long if I listed them all! 

I would love to know who's blog you regularly visit as I will take a look at them myself and hopefully I will find some new blogs to read from you guys!



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