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Ever need a local service and don't know where to start looking? You could take to the internet to do lots and lots of research yourself, you could ask Facebook or even ask friends? You could do it the good old way and get the yellow pages out - I'm not even sure that they still exist though?!

Wouldn't it be easier if local services came to you with what they have to offer?

I have done it before when I have wanted to find a service like a good beautician, a gardener or even a photographer for an event, there are so many options to choose from so imagine if there was a website where people contacted you to offer their services?

Welcome Bidvine.....

Bidvine connects you with local services. You select what service you require and answer a few simple questions about what you want and then you wait.....within a very short space of time you will have quotes and information sent directly to you!

I recently tried Bidvine to find a local photographer. I was asked questions before submitting my request to ensure I was getting quotes from relevant professionals, for example; what type of event it would be for, how many people would be at the event, if it was for an indoor or outdoor event, my budget and any additional information the photographer needed to know. This took me less than two minutes to complete and once I had submitted my request, I started to receive quotes within the hour - straight to my inbox!

You can log in to your account and review the quotes you have received and look through their reviews or even contact them directly to find out more information, the process was really easy and I didn't have to spend hours trawling the internet to find them!

The service is free for customers, the professionals pay a small fee for sending you a quote this makes sure that the professional is 100% certain they are right for the job so you won't be inundated with random quotes for no reason - this was a big selling point to me, I don't want my inbox spammed with lots of irrelevant quotes.

Bidvine offer over 600 services across England, the most popular area is London; however they are expanding quickly to lots of locations across the country. I am based in Chester and I got quite a few quotes for my request!

Have you ever heard of Bidvine? Would you use a service like this? Start you search HERE.



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