How Good Is Your Other Half At Buying Gifts? Men Take Note.....

It's that time of year when we all start to think about buying Christmas gifts, unless you are super organised and have already started or done it, I wish I was like you people!

When I am buying gifts I like to put a lot of thought into finding something special for the special people in my life, whether it costs £1 or £100, I really think that the personal and sentimental presents are the best, however, we have probably all experienced opening a gift ourselves and thinking......WTF.....while smiling sweetly and thanking the gift buyer.

An ex-boyfriend of mine once bought me a JML lint roller and his favourite film on DVD, this really was a WTF moment, I could not for the life of me figure out his thought process behind the gifts, especially as I had wrote a list for him of perfumes/beauty products - plus links of where to get the best deal and free delivery!

I took to Facebook to ask other bloggers what weird and wonderful gifts they had received from the men in their lives and the responses were comical (men take note, these aren't great gifts).

Jay who writes Puzzle Piece Life said "My fiancée brought me a frying pan. Worst thing was he had bigged it up SO much, kept going on about this incredible present he had got! Why was it so special? It was green (my fave colour). I could now cook breakfast for us in a green frying pan! The temptation to smack him one with it after months of looking forward to this amazing present was very strong."

Mel who writes Raise The Waves said "I was once given a box of Thorntons chocolates that the guy picked up at the last minute. He ate them all shortly after giving them to me."

Abbie who writes Mama Wilkos said "All that I need to say is (see below).....though 10 years later we're still together."
Becky who writes Hectic Dia-BEC-tic said "Mine was a Sky remote. And not even a proper branded Sky remote... Nope, mine was a cheap universal one off Ebay! We're no longer together..."

Suzanne who writes And Ruby Makes Four said "I got a steam mop and an industrial dust-pan and brush! I just send him a list of links to choose from now."

Melissa who writes The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover said "I received a potato peeler, a scouring pad and some saucy underwear from an ex. Now did he want me chained to the bedroom or the kitchen?"

Becky who writes Love Becka said "I got a Nintendo 3DS which he then played on! Oh and this was only two years ago 😂I've never asked for one, never wanted one but funnily enough 'we' got one!"

I am sure the men who bought the gifts above put some kind of thought into them however if you would like some advice about how to make the lady in your life happy then continue reading.....

Listen carefully - take notes on your phone of you have to, she will be hinting for something, it may be subtle but there will be a clue somewhere!

Think about thoughtful things she may have bought you in the past, this may be a reflection of what she would like in return.

DO NOT buy her clothes unless you are 100% certain of her taste and size, buying clothes could go horribly wrong, especially if the item doesn't fit properly!

Jewellery is always a good shout however, like clothes, you need to know what she likes. Have a look at her current jewellery collection and take note as to whether she prefers earrings, bracelets or necklaces, are they small and dainty or big and full of bling?

If she is a blog writer then read her blog, this will give you a big insight into what she likes or is lusting after.

Try and think outside of the box and do something thoughtful, websites such a Not On The Highstreet, I Want One Of Those or The Great Gift Company are just a few gift idea websites that do personalised gifts.

If you don't want to buy something physical, what about a gift experience like a spa day? Or a weekend break? Something you could possibly do together? Many websites will give you ideas and different packages, the most popular is Buy A Gift.

If you don't have a clue, play it safe, most women love to receive perfume or gift vouchers.

Good luck guys!

Ladies, what advice would you give to men who want some tips on buying good gifts? If you have a funny story please share it in the comments!



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