Breakfast At Coast To Coast

You may have noticed that I am a bit of a breakfast lover. My partner and I regularly eat breakfast out at the weekends and love finding new places to test out. Today we went to Coast To Coast which is not somewhere I would usually think of for breakfast, but after browsing the menu online it looked too good not to try out.

We have eaten in Coast To Coast before for an evening meal and it was delicious so trying out their breakfast had a lot to live up to.

"Coast to Coast is a UK-based American restaurant chain specialising in American foods. The company was established in 2011 and currently has 21 restaurants across the country with more set to open. They are run by Restaurant Group, who also own Chiquito (restaurant) and Frankie & Benny's."

The menu at Coast To Coast is quite extensive and the American theme creates something for everyone's taste buds, from something sweet, like American pancakes with a mountain of toppings, or for the savoury lovers, like myself, a cooked breakfast with some impressive twists.

I was in a party of four people and we all went for a savoury option, however as I am typing this I kind of wish I tested out the waffles or pancakes - maybe next time!

Scrambled Eggs £5.25 - this was really nicely presented in a big bowl with the addition of asparagus, as requested, which was the biggest spear I have ever seen!

Coast To Coast Breakfast £7.65 - who doesn't like roast potatoes with breakfast?! And the addition of a sweet potato fritter (which had a slight spice to it) was incredible.

Big Veggie Breakfast £6.95 - Just like the Coast To Coast breakfast with an additional sweet potato fritter, massive asparagus spears, mushrooms and a rocket and tomato garnish made a nice change from just veggie sausages as an alternative for the vegetarians among us.

Scrambled Eggs on toast £5.25

The atmosphere in Coast To Coast is very chilled out and the surroundings are cleverly lit making it a cosy environment to sit around, comfortably eat and relax at any time of day. I very much enjoyed this breakfast and would definitely recommend visiting Coast To Coast for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Have you ever tried a Coast To Coast breakfast?



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