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Have you ever heard of a website called PhotoBox? I hadn't until I recently decided I wanted to get some photographs printed, I was having a crafty moment (these moments are rare so I had to act fast) where I wanted some Polaroid type pictures of my boyfriend and I to pin to a cork board and we could add to it over the years, sort of like a happy memory board. I took to Google and found Photobox.

Photobox have such a large range of products available, they literally do anything you want, big pictures, small pictures, photo books, canvas prints, posters, wall art, cards - you can even edit your pictures. I was extremely pleased to see they did Polaroid style prints where you can add your own text to the bottom of them. 
I found the website so easy to use and better still was the price, each Polaroid style print (which they call 'Retro Prints' which you can find HERE) were 30p each, which I think is a complete bargain now I have received them, plus they do offers for different amount and type of prints you select.

Delivery took no time at all and when I received them they were packed really well and there was a nice feel of attention to detail, even with the packaging.

The prints themselves are of a great quality, not only visually, but the paper they are printed is thick and of a good quality.

I just want to mention this isn't a sponsored post, I am just extremely happy with the service and quality of the prints I received and wanted to share it with you guys. If you want anything printed and want your prints promptly then I would definitely recommend checking out Photobox!



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