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I used to think of Holland & Barrett as a dated shop where old people went to get vitamins and supplements but over the last couple of years the shop has changed dramatically.

My local Holland & Barrett, in Chester, closed it's small, dark corner shop and took pride of place on the high street moving to a much, much bigger store which has something for everyone, from the usual vitamins and supplements, to natural beauty products, a healthy snack pick'n'mix stand and they even have a fast food counter in store called VBites.

My boyfriend is a vegetarian however I am a meat lover, I always have been, but since moving in with Rob I eat lots of vegetarian style food and although I don't think I would ever give up meat completely I definitely like the options available for vegetarians and vegans.
"The VBites vision is to make a meat-free diet a viable, healthy, satisfying and sustainable proposition. The long term goal is to build a healthy fast-food brand, which takes the core VBites philosophies and places them at the centre of the lunchtime food trade. The emphasis is not on catering for vegans, but to offer a delicious and healthy alternative to ‘normal’ meat based lunches."
VBites have a huge selection of vegetarian style wraps, burgers and sandwiches and also delicious looking sweet treats too! Rob and I have sampled quite a few of the wraps now, and as a meat lover I can honestly say they are delicious!

Hoisin Ducky Wrap £3.95 - Ducky pieces marinated in hoisin sauce with spring onion and crisp lettuce in a toasted tortilla wrap. This is very sweet however it tastes just like duck in hoisin sauce, I really couldn't taste the difference and I really enjoyed this wrap - I think it is my favourite out of the three I have tried out.

Pulled Pork-Style Wrap £3.95 - Pulled pork-style wrap in a sweet sauce with vegan coleslaw, crisp lettuce in a toasted tortilla wrap. Again, very sweet, but it really does have the texture of pulled pork, the sauce is slightly over-powering but with the coleslaw it's really, really tasty.

Southern Fried Chicky Wrap £3.95 - Southern fried chicky style pieces with garlic mayonnaise, crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes in a toasted tortilla wrap. The chicken style pieces, in my opinion, aren't as tasty as Quorn, however with the other ingredients put together it tasted just like a chicken wrap. 

I really love that Holland & Barrett are branching out and re-branding as a 'cool' place to shop, I can grab some lunch while browsing the natural beauty section and stocking up our cupboards with healthy snacks! 

If you get the chance, veggie or not, I would definitely recommend giving VBites a go for a healthy lunch rather than buying calorific meal deals.



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