Lolly's Sweet Treats - Sweet or Sour Challenge!

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I have a very sweet tooth, now I don't mean I will eat anything sweet, I love sweets, proper sweets! I can give or take chocolate and cakes but jelly sweets, boiled sweets, sugary sweets and sour sweets I cannot live without (I would say this is an exaggeration but I'm afraid this is the truth, much to my dentists dismay).

I was recently asked what type of sweets I like by the lovely people from Lolly's Sweet Treats* to which I told them anything fizzy or sour, the sourer the better! So I have been set a challenged to test out 5 different sour sweets from their website and I thought it would be fun (for you, and at my expense) to capture the moments I taste each sweet. 

I have been challenged, how could I refuse?!

Before you all look at my ridiculous face as I shovel sour sweets in my mouth, you may be wondering who Lolly's Sweet Treats are?
"London’s premier Retro Sweet CompanyOur product is confectionery but what we aim to sell is nostalgia; memories of a time gone by, or that one sweet that someone you knew just loved. 
At Lolly’s Sweet Treats we like Sweets! Simply put…that’s why we do what we do! We love the fizzy sweets, the fruity sweets; the chewy sweets, the boiled sweets; the sweets at birthdays, the sweets at weddings; we even like the make-up ones (and the break up ones). Made in England or Born in the USA, our selection of Retro Sweets and American Candy has been carefully selected by four generations of our family."
I was sent a variety of seriously sour sweets. I used to think I was a hardcore sour sweet lover, but, I have to admit some of these sweets defeated me!

Some of them were delicious.....

Fizzy Fangs & Astro Belts

And others were hilariously sour.....

Sour Warheads & Mega Sour Apples & Mega Sour Cherries

The Fizzy Fangs and the Astro Belts were delicious, I would say more fizzy for me than sour, but the other three bags of sweets I was sent (Sour Warheads, Mega Sour Apples and Mega Sour Cherries) absolutely blew my head off, my mouth is just watering at the thought of putting them in my mouth again! Once the sour taste died down though, the sweet taste is delicious. If you have someone who claims to be a sour sweet lover like myself, you need to put them to the test!

Sweets make a great gift for anyone, especially when they are packaged so nicely, or they are just a nice treat for yourself! Thank you to Lolly's Sweet Treats for sending me these goodies!



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