Keeping Your Home Safe While On Holiday

Holidays, we love them! Holidays abroad, city breaks, weekends away, visiting friends and family for the weekend, even days out. When we are away we all like to take to social media to post pictures of what fun we are having and what we are up too, I for one know I do this and I won't stop doing it, however, this is openly telling the world 'Hey, look at me, I'm not at home.'

So, how do you keep your home safe while you go away?

Make sure everything is switched off - hair straighteners? All doors locked? Windows shut and locked? Possibly a neighbour to open and close the curtains? Light timers? Is this enough to keep your home safe?

Home insurance is something nobody wants to think about, whenever the word insurance is mentioned people often question if they need it. Peace of mind while you are away is priceless, as your home is the most important place in the world, well I know my home is. It is full of memories, valuable belongings and it's your safe place, so to make sure you keep your safe place safe, home insurance is crucial to have!

Nobody can prepare for something happening to your home, whether that be someone breaking in, accidentally leaving something on which causes damage or something like the weather changing drastically while you are away, so finding the right insurance for your needs is pretty important right?

There are lots of insurance compare websites that help you with your search to find, not only the best deal, but the best insurance for your needs, such as Money Supermarket but what if you don't live in the UK? A lot of my readers live in beautiful Ireland where there is a specialist website Chill Insurance which is the Irish comparison website to use for home insurance (and all other insurances too) which is a very simple and friendly compare website which I would highly recommend using.

How do you keep your home safe while you are on holiday?

Do you have home insurance?




  1. Always had home insurance since I rented my very first flat. One of those things that you just have to have but hope you'll never need.

  2. Insurance is so important, it's almost time to renew ours so I'll be looking to Money Supermarket.


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