Wilko Pet Carrier Review

Today we took our little fur babies to the vets as Bean has decided that it is fun to start humping his sister, Coco, and we do not want any more little babies! They are only around 9 weeks old so the vet wanted to see how big Bean's beans are to see if he could do the deed and snip them! We were going to use a box to take them in however I went into Wilko and found a bargain pet carrier.

"Our large pet carrier will help make travel as comfortable as possible for your cat or dog! Made from 100% polyester, the carrier is tough and water resistant and will also fold flat for easy storage and transport.
Height 28.1 x Width 28.8 x Depth 42.5cm. Pets should be supervised when using the carrier."

This material pet carrier cost £13.00 and, I think, it's fantastic quality and value for money! It is sturdy and spacious and has little windows for your friend(s) to keep an eye on what's going on around them. The carrier zips/unzips from each end making it easy to put them in or get out and it has a removable base which is wipe-able for any accidents, which as any pet owner will know, is almost a certainty when taking your pet anywhere. It also has a pocket at the side which is handy for paperwork such as vaccination cards etc. 

I placed some newspaper in, along with some hay and a unicorn (what pet doesn't want a toy unicorn?!), and Coco and Bean went in happily and seemed comfortable while in there. 

Bean's beans are too small to at the moment so he is going back next month for his operation. They didn't particularly enjoy their visit to the vets as they had their vaccinations while they were there too, but at least they travelled in style!

I would definitely recommend this pet carrier, it's great quality and excellent value for money!



  1. The pet carrier is a fantastic bargain! Your bunnies are adorable :)



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