Living With Your Significant Other

Do you already live with your significant other? Or have recently moved in? Can you remember what it was like when you first moved in? Or are you planning on moving in with your other half in the near future?

Making future plans with your partner is a very exciting time, thoughts go through your mind about what it will be like merging your lives together but it can also be a very emotional, scary and a testing time.

I moved in with my other half about three months ago and I had forgot what an emotional (and funny looking back) roller coaster it can be. It had been well over 8 years since I had moved in with a boy for the first time so I was very nervous, especially moving into his house.

Nothing can prepare you for moving in together, getting to know someone else's habits and quirks comes with time. These habits can sometimes be annoying, blood-boiling, infuriating (I won't go on) and make you visualise smacking your other half over the head with a pan (I promise I have never done this.....yet . I like to think I am one of the lucky ones), but what I have learnt is that if something annoys you, either talk about it or have a good laugh about it!

Now this is not a man bashing rant, because, I am sure us women have our annoying habits as well and you may live with a woman yourself, I know one of mine is my hair, it gets absolutely everywhere, the carpet is constantly swamped with long blonde hair, the plug hole and even when I take things out of the washing machine my hair seems to be wrapped around everything - but i can't help it!!! I asked some of my blogging buddies what annoys them most about living with their other half or tips as to how to keep sane, if you fancy a giggle, read on.....

"I asked him to make the spare bed and he put a double duvet cover on a single bed and just folded the corner in- never been so embarrassed ever when our guest stayed! Nothing even matched which made it worse! We had Paris covers and rainbow cushions!" Anna who writes Unicorns and Fairies Dust.
"Make sure they know how to use a washing machine and a dishwasher.
I've Lived with Paul for 15 years and has never loaded/unloaded the dishwasher and has no idea how to turn on a washing machine." Clare who writes Emmy's Mummy
"Someone told me that in relationships you should have a "leaver" and a "putter" - you can figure out which one you are by thinking about what you do with your keys after you've walked in the door. I "put" mine on the key hook, the OH "leaves" them anywhere and everywhere - last time we couldn't find them, they turned up wrapped up in a tea towel in the oven. At least we've got a leaver and putter in our relationship though!" Sian who writes Rebel Angel. 

"Leaving tea bags in the sink, which is the exact same amount of steps to the bin!" Em who writes Em's Mixed Bag - Let's see if my other half notices this! 
"My other half is great at almost everything, he's clean, tidy and sometimes he cooks dinner, it's great. However he likes to pretend he doesn't know how to use electrical kitchen items like: The blender, food processor and the coffee machine (he does, he just lies to make me do it)" Breanne who writes My Healthy Curves.
"There comes a point a few months in where you realise some habits they'll never snap out of- mines never turning the landing light off, his is leaving bread crumbs on the work top. You just have to decide if they're a deal breaker or not!" Jay who writes Puzzle Piece Life.

We all have our pet-peeves but when that rage runs through your veins, just remember, we love them very much and sharing your life with someone is very special. There are perks too.....
"If one of us is struggling to get up in the morning the other automatically brings them a cup of tea in bed along with a hugs and kisses. Works wonders! Give each other space for an hour each day, even if you have to be in the same room, just put headphones in and listen to a pod cast or music or let them get absorbed in a book etc." Chrissie who writes Vamp It Up Manchester.
"You don't have to always share tasks! I have never, in two years, taken the bin out and very rarely do the washing up but I cook most nights as my partner cannot cook for toffee. I'd rather cook then touch the bin." Jay who writes Puzzle Piece Life.
What is the most annoying habit your other half has, or what is yours?

Or let's be positive, what is the nicest thing your other half does for you?



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