Funny Bunny Video - Coco & Bean Update

You might of read my post last month (HERE if you missed it) about the new additions to our household - Coco and Bean who are baby mini lop bunnies. They had their first trip to the vets yesterday for their vaccinations (I posted about this yesterday) which was exciting for them....not.

We have had them for nearly a month now and they have definitely developed their own little characters and are mischievous little monkeys, here is an example of what I mean.....

Luckily this wasn't plugged in!

Coco is definitely very girly, gentle, cautious and at times stroppy. She loves a cuddle but on her terms. She likes to give out kisses (bunny licks) but then will change her mind and go for the odd nibble!

Bean on the other hand is very affectionate and would happily cuddle and lick you all day long, he then has crazy outbursts of running round like a lunatic.

They get on incredibly well (apart from when Bean is feeling frisky). Below is an update video of what they have been getting up too in their little bunny world.

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  1. Coco and Bean sound adorable! I'd love to have a little Bean in my life :)

  2. They are gorgeous, I think my children would love some cute little bunnies like these.


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