Sykes Cottages Holiday - North Wales

I am currently sat in a lovely little cottage in North Wales (booked through Sykes Cottages), and the weather has taken a turn for the worse - Met Office have promised me a nice day tomorrow - so I thought I would share with you some pictures of what I have been up to!

If you haven't been to North Wales before....why not?! It's a beautiful part of the United Kingdom which really does have something for everyone, you can find lots of local things to do and attractions HERE. I have come with my partner and my dog, Darcy, for lots of walks, food and much needed chilling out!

The cottage we are staying in is tucked away from any roads but a two minute walk to the beach, not too far from a small town called Harlech (which has a fab castle) it is the perfect location for coastal walks and mountain trails which is perfect for us and it is very central to many things to do in North Wales.

The beaches in North Wales are absolutely beautiful, some are sandy and are pebbled beaches, our favourite beaches are Benar beach, Harlech beach and Pensarn beach, all of which accept dogs on designated sides which is really important to us being dog owners, Darcy does not like to miss out on the beach!

Tuesday was a fabulous day so we had a beach day at Pesarn beach playing in the sea, and I hate to admit it as I usually look after my skin really well, but i got burnt it was that hot *slaps wrist* ALWAYS wear SPF even when it's cloudy, that pesky sun can come through!

I am currently collection shells to fill a glass jar I have in my bathroom so that was my aim for the afternoon, collect lots of pretty shells - this has Pinterest written all over it!

Yesterday we had a trip into the Snowdonia National Park to climbs up some hills......this was not my favourite thing to do as me and hills do not get along but we still had a lovely day, Darcy found a mountain pool to have a swim in which gave us a very quiet evening as she was shattered!

Wales is a truly beautiful country and one thing I love to watch at the end of a gorgeous sunny day is the sunset, and luckily for us our cottage boasts beautiful views, as well as a gorgeous walk to the local pub where we can watch the sun set on our way back after a few well deserved drinks after all of the walking!

Have you even visited this part of Wales? Where is your favourite UK holiday destination?

*This is not a sponsored post, the links above are to help you if you are interested in a trip to the area*



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