Benefit b.right Radiant Skincare Set.....

I am a big fan of some of the Benefit makeup range and I know many of you are too, but I had never tried the skincare and have wanted to for a long time however I didn't want to fork out for a product or products I hadn't tried.

With skincare products I like to try them over a short period of time before making a decision....this is why I hate skincare sachets with a passion, how can you tell if something works and is good for your skin after one application?! Anyway that's another story!

So when I received this gorgeous set of mini Benefit skincare products for Christmas I was over the moon!

Benefit b.radiant Skincare Set RRP £14.50 (I think this is a total bargain!)

Inside the set you receive 6 mini Benefit skincare products to test out! You get:

~ Benefit b.right Foamingly Clean Facial Wash 8.9g (FS RRP £17.50)

~ Benefit b.right Moisturize Moisture Prep Toning Lotion 8.9ml (FS RRP £23.50)

~ Benefit b.right It's Potent! Eye Cream 3.0g (FS RRP £25.50)

~ Benefit b.right Total Moisture Facial Cream 8.9g (FS RRP £28.50)

~ Benefit b.right Triple Performing Moisturising Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++ 8.9ml (FS RRP £21.50)

~ Benefit b.right Refined Finish Facial Polish 8.9g (FS RRP £18.50)

*FS - Full Size*

I have been using the products since I received the set and I am really impressed so far, the scent of all of the products is a light fresh fragrance which isn't overpowering at all. My two favourite products out of the set are the Total Moisture Facial Cream and the It's Potent Eye Cream.

Total Moisture is really luxurious feeling, nice and thick but soaks in really quickly without leaving skin greasy and I have noticed my skin feeling a lot softer and more radiant, I will definitely be investing in the full size version of this!

It's Potent really brightens your eyes, if you suffer from dark circles or bags this will work wonders for you however I think if you are looking for more of a wrinkle buster I would stick to my usual favourite eye cream from Balance Me (Wonder Eye Cream).

You can pick this set up from any Benefit counter or if you want FREE delivery you can buy from Feel Unique or if you a Debenhams beauty card holder you can get FREE delivery there!

Have you tried any of Benefits b.radiant skincare range?



  1. I've tried some of their products and was really impressed!

  2. I find Benefit products are really hit or miss - I love their Push Up Eyeliner, but find the Mascara to be awful. I'd be interested in trying their skincare range though.

    Lilla @

    1. I am always honest with my reviews Lilla, so I would definitely recommend the moisturiser.


  3. I really wish I was a lady sometimes. I get serious Women's Beauty Product envy; why can't they make stuff like this for men?! ^_^

  4. I do love benefit products especially there blushers , not tried this range yet though will take a peak thanks for shairng

  5. I love benefit stuff !

    Rachael , from -

  6. Wow I didn't even know Benefit had skincare stuff! These look great :) xo

  7. Ooh I've never tried this before but I am a massive fan of benefit and just love all their makeup products! This sounds like it would be great though, I might need to give it a try now! X

  8. I've tried a few samples of benefit skincare and I really like them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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