Apocalips In Poundland

Today I had my usual weekly browse in Poundland, I remeber the days when each week there would be a new brand on the shelves that we all got excited about but recently I have been disappointed until today!

I have seen Rimmel in Poundland many many times but today I spotted lots and lots of their Apocalips Lip Lacquers.....

There were 2 shades to choose from but at £1.00 each it was an easy decision to grab them both! Apocalips are still in Rimmel's collection and they usually retail for around £6.49 each, however I have a feeling these shades are being or are already discontinued. The shade names are not on the packaging but they are a bright barbie pink and a scarlet red.

I am extremely late on the band waggon with these lip lacquers, they never really grabbed me? I have swatched them many times in Boots and Superdrug and I always thought the pigmentation was absolutely amazing but with the light and creamy texture I didn't think they would last long at all, how wrong I was.....


The texture is very different, it's not a lipstick but not a gloss, somewhere in between but without the sticky feeling of a gloss, it's really smooth and creamy! As soon as I bought it this morning I have been wearing it and the staying power is fantastic!


I love the texture, I love the colour pay off and I love how extremely easy they are to apply!


Have you tried Rimmel's Apocalips? Have you spotted them in your local pound shop yet?



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