Wilkos Sale: Small Beauty Haul

It's no secret that I am a bargain shopper, and a big Wilkos fan too! I popped in the other day for a ball for my pooch (she is a destructive little sod and Wilkos do a ball that manages to last longer than a week before being ripped to shreds, good going for my Darcy), and I noticed they are updating their beauty selection meaning they are having a BIG sale, how could I resist.....

ALL of the cost me a tiny £6.65!

The Wilkos shower smoothies smell good enough to eat, I picked up the fruity one and honey and vanilla, they cost 50p each!!!

I usually stock up on their 30p face wipes however I noticed they had tea tree deep cleansing facial wipes for 50p per pack so I thought I would give them a whir as well as grabbing some cotton pads as always for 70p and my favourite Palmolive deodorant for £1.00l!

The shower scrunchies things, yes that is the real name, well to me it is, cost 10p EACH!!!

I always have a lip balm at my desk at work and I picked up a pack of three in scents watermelon, grape and strawberry all three for 50p.

I also picked up a nail file, again for my desk for £1.00 and an eyeliner brush (which I have been using for my brows) again for £1.00!!

I them noticed they had pencil cases reduced and thought this pink stripey one would be great for putting my makeup brushes in while travelling and this was a bargainous 25p!

If you have a Wilkos near you go and grab some bargains before they are all gone!!!



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