Cancer Research UK: Race For Life

Next weekend I shall be taking part in Cancer Research UK's Race For Life at Chester racecourse with lots of lovely ladies who I work with.
Race for Life
Most people will have been affected by this vile disease in some way making it SO SO SO important to raise awareness.

If you haven't heard of Race For Life (which I'm sure you have) it's a women-only fundraising event held in many many locations in the UK where you can run, walk skip, jump or crawl if you really to over 5k or 10k.

I cannot run to save my life, I attempted running last year but I much prefer walking so me and my work friends will be helping drag each other over the finish line to raise money for Cancer Research.

Every single penny helps and if you would like to make a donation to Cancer Research UK via our group Just Giving page to help us get our back sides over the finish line as quickly as possible please do click HERE.

No matter how small your donation it really does help. I donate to Cancer Research UK each month but I will always try and do as many fundraising events for charity as possible as most charities have no government support.

Thank you
will be doing a post after the event with lots of pictures to share with you all!

Have you ever taken part in Race For Life or have you already planned to take part this year?



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