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We all know I'm quite a big fan of the shop Wilkinson's, I go in for one thing and come out with bags full! A few weeks a go I had to email them as I bought some dog treats that made my dog Darcy poorly so as an apology they sent me a gift card.

I only went in to pick up a few household bits that I needed but I got stuck in the beauty isle for quite sometime.....

I picked up this lot for £7.69!!!!! Absolute bargain.
I picked up two of Wilkos own shower creams, rhubarb and mint, the rhubarb smells good enough to eat!! These cost a tiny 80p each for 250ml!! I also noticed the do a sweet honey and vanilla scent in the shower cream and foam bath, the foam bath cost 80p for 500ml.

I have ran out of conditioner and had a sniff of Wilko's own hair care range, this cleanse conditioner smells divine with hints of vanilla and coconut, the bottle is absolutely huge and cost 75p for a massive 750ml bottle.

I always keep a comb in my bathroom to brush the conditioners or treatments that I use through and this comb was on offer for 15p!!!!

I have used Wilkos cream beauty soap before, it is very similar to Dove and costs 39p.

They have their own skincare range in Wilkos called Skin Therapy, they do toner, face wash, face scrub etc etc... I picked up the eye makeup remover, you can never have enough of the stuff, this cost 80p.

Wilkos have really expanded their beauty tools section,I grabbed these two makeup brushes, the eyeshadow brush cost 50p and the foundation brush £1.00, they may or may not last long but I wanted to test them out!

Annnnnd this cute little notebook for writing down blog ideas, perfect for carrying in my handbag, how cute is the picture? Wilkos have a really pretty and purse friendly stationary section, this cost 80p.

I also grabbed three packs of their facial wipes which I am always banging on about at 30p per pack.

Do you shop in Wilkos?



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