May: Share The Love With Fellow Bloggers

As a blogger, not only do I write my own blog but I read hundreds of other blogs, I am seriously addicted to keeping up to date with my favourite blogs and discovering new ones too! Quite a while a go I wrote a 'Share The Love' blog post and I thought I would now do this each month to let you know which blogs I have been enjoying, hopefully you will discover some new blogs to add to your reading list!

1. Vicki writes Let's Talk Beauty - I love Vicki's blog it is really easy reading, I can get lost in her blog each week for quite some time. It is really well laid out and she has the most amazing beauty selection and makeup storage, which I am not jealous of at all!!

2. Rachel writes Beauty Queen UK - I have read Rachel's blog for absolutely ages, she does the most in depth reviews and she is always 100% honest about her thoughts. Recently Rachel's partner has started his own blog too (Beauty King UK) which I think is just fabulous, I like to keep up to date with what's going on in the male beauty world too!

3. Kellie writes Big Fashionista - If you don't already read Kellie's blog, get yourself over there for laughs, sexy (or sometimes not) men and a little bit of controversy! Kellie is so funny and as it says below, she always says what we are are thinking! An honest and fun blog!

4. Sam writes Honey Go-Lightly - I admire Sam, when it comes to fashion I am not so clued up, Sam does the most gorgeous OOTD posts and she gives me some inspiration. She cooks the most amazing looking food that always has me drooling over my laptop, her pictures are perfect!

5. Sandra writes Beauty Balm - Sandra has a beautiful blog and she buys the most gorgeous products, she especially loves natural products or products from local/independent brands which I love reading about!

Beauty Balm

I have many many more blog which I love but there are too many to list, these are my May favourites and I will do this post each month.

Do you read any of these lovely ladies blogs?



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