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It's that time of year again when many of us Brits head off to somewhere quiet to make an attempt at camping, I wrote this post exactly a year a go today and I have to say I will be taking the majority of these products with me this year too!


19th June 2013: Next week I am going camping, I love camping if the weather is nice, but if the sun isn't shining it's my idea of hell, but my boyfriend adores camping and we have been going religiously for 6 years, over these 6 years the beauty items I take with me has changed, I have learnt what is essential and what just isn't.....

Camping is all about getting back to basics but the thought of not taking any of my products with me fills me with fear (yes I have known people take NOTHING?!) So here is what I take and why they are essential.....

Do I need to explain these? No, they are basics that everyone needs no matter where you are. The dry shampoo is a life saver while camping as trying to wash and dry your hair in what most campsites have - a shed - isn't too much fun!

I have learnt not to take my usual shampoos and conditioners as they cost a lot of money and lets face it while you are camping no one cares if you use Ojon or John Frieda! These Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner cost me 99p each and I have reviewed them here.

I always however take some form of argan oil with me as when I have washed my hair and I don't fancy fighting to use the only plug socket in the ladies 'changing rooms' I scrunch my hair with the argon oil and voila beach waves.....that's what I like to think anyway!

When it comes to makeup I take only a few products. I do take a good mascara, without mascara I look half asleep so this makes me feel more ME, my favourite at the moment is from Cailyn and I reviewed it here, I also take my Anastasia Lash Genius which makes any mascara waterproof (such a fab product as I hate waterproof mascara) and if you want to know more about this great product you can find it here.

I also take a BB cream, foundation is just not necessary while camping but I always feel better with a little coverage.

Last but not least is Dr Bronners Magic Soap and hand sanitiser. The magic soap I have raved about many many times here, it is originally a camping product! You can basically use it for any form of cleaning from teeth to makeup brushes, such a handy little items. The hand sanitiser is for....well all of the time, you never know what nasties you will come into contact with, I picked this up from Wilkinsons for a tiny 49p! And one product I haven't pictured as I have just ran out is face wipes....a women's best friend, camping or not!

I would love to know what your essential items are if you go camping or to festivals?



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