Real Techniques Dupes - What Happened Next

A while a go I posted about some Real Techniques brushes dupes HERE. I had seen that they had been talked about by quite a few bloggers, they are sold on eBay for a mere £1.00 - £2.00 delivered from, of course, Hong Kong!

My first impressions of the brush I ordered were really good, yes they looked almost identical to RT's brushes and after a few weeks of using it I thought how well the brush blended my foundation or cream blush.

I carried on using the brush for around 2 months on a daily basis, my poor Real Technique brush got slightly neglected!

Top Real Technique Stippling Brush - Bottom Duplicate.

After 2 months the brush inevitably started to loose it's bristles! I thought I had instantly grown whiskers on my face while applying my makeup!

I also noticed the handle was loose.....

So the age old saying of 'You get what you pay for' is very true in this instance! Real Technique brushes are not too expensive at all, starting from around £10.00 however most of you will probably know you can buy great starter kits for around £25.00. I would highly recommend buying them as they last for so long and the quality is fabulous! I have had my Real Techniques brushes for about 2 years and as you can imagine they have had several several washes and they look as good as new!

I was a traitor to Real Techniques but I am now back on track!

Have you tried any of the cheaper brushes?



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