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We have all bought things on eBay that come from Hong Kong, I have found that some things are very hit and miss but the prices are just so low I feel the need to try them all out! Money is very tight this month so I went bargain shopping on eBay and here is what I ordered (they are yet to be delivered yet as they are from Hong Kong but I will review them all individually after using them).....

Blush/contour palette £6.99 FREE delivery - I have seen these palettes been reviewed on many blogs now and although they aren't 'branded' as such as they come from Hong Kong, I have heard great things about them!

I bought these cute earrings from the same seller in Hong Kong, I have used this seller sooooo many times and considering the price you pay they are great value for money, a tip, if you do buy rings from this seller, paint the inside with clear nail varnish to stop the dreaded green finger! These cost........

Left 40p and right 71p DELIVERED!!!!

Quite some time a go I ordered this Geneva watch from eBay and I have since ordered several more colours! They are extremely lightweight, come in a wide range of colours to suit any summer outfit and cost less then £2.00 DELIVERED! There are several sellers on eBay.

At the moment the storage for my beauty products in my bathroom is old beauty boxes from Glossy Box or Birchbox so I've ordered a couple of these cute folding storage boxes to brighten things up slightly, at 99p delivered I couldn't resist, there are several different sellers that sell these.

I came across some very weird and wonderful things while I was browsing, including the 'handy gadget' below?!

Do you buy things from Hong Kong on eBay?



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