Prairie Charms: Hair Accessories.....

A while a go I bought a mystery bag from Prairie Charms this was exclusively for bloggers to try out some of the range, now if you haven't heard of Prairie Charms before they are an independent accessory company who are currently working on some new lines, they have some really cute and well made statement pieces!

I received 2 Rania Wraps which retails for approx £10.00 for 3, you would receive the 2 pictures above and a gorgeous blue one too and I also received a Dahlia Bow £8.00.

At first I wasn't sure if I would use these as I haven't really experimented with hair accessories, but I have to say I adore them, especially the Rania Wraps, they are so versatile, these wraps are a small version of the brands head bands which come in a variety of different patterns.

They are really easy to use, they have a soft wire inside meaning you can mould around any hairstyle!

I use mine when I have a messy bun in as they jazz up my hair and hides the ugly bobble!

Prairie Charms don't just do hair accessories, they also make jewellery and the company is always expanding in to new ventures, they are currently getting in new fabrics which will be perfect for Spring/Summer!

Do you use hair accessories? Have you heard of Prairie Charms before?




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