Super Simple Homemade Oreo & White Chocolate Truffles.....

A little bit of a different post today, but I just had to share! When I am not reading blogs, writing my own and drooling over beauty products I work in a call centre, now if you work in a call centre you will know people very often bring treats in, biscuits, chocolates, sweets etc (not great when you are sat on your bum all day but hey whatever keeps us smiling!) and a few days a go a lovely lady brought in some homemade truffles and I just had to know the recipe as they were melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

Those of you who know me will know I am awful at making sweet treats (but I do make a mean roast dinner) so when I found out how to make these I was so happy as they are super super simple but oh so amazing.

(I bought all of my ingredients from Tesco)

~1 pack of Oreos (£1.03)
~1 regular tub of cream cheese (of your choice - Tesco value 50p, you could use low fat cheese if you are being good!)
~Some white chocolate (2 x Tesco value bars 30p each).
~Vanilla extract is desired or even a little bit of alcohol mmmmmm!

Ok, so here are the simple steps to make them......

1. Crush the biscuits - I don't have a blender so improvised with a 'masher'!


2. Add some cream cheese, I didn't measure anything at all, I added 1/4 of the tub to begin with, mixed it up then added another 1/4 and that seemed to give me the consistency I needed, you want to be able to roll the mixture into balls without them being to sloppy!   


3. Roll into balls - The bigger the better ;) Then place in the freezer until they harden.

4. Melt your white chocolate, then roll the hardened balls in the chocolate.

5. Place into the fridge or freezer to harden and then....tah dahhhhh........

These are like little balls of heaven! I think these would be an amazing little gift if you placed in a bag with ribbon on! 

What do you think? Easy peasy or what!!!


Thanks to Llinos for telling me how she made them!



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