Purse Friendly Alternative To Party Feet.....

On Thursday I went to my works Christmas party, I have THE most beautiful heels to wear which were kindly gifted to me by my lovely Friend Jo (who writes Beauty and the Books) last year, but they are super super high so I went into Boots, Tesco, Superdrug looking for Party Feet, I'm sure you all know what Party Feet are, but if you don't they are gel cushions for putting in the soles of your shoes to help prevent the dreaded burning sensation in the balls of your feet.

I was shocked to find that in each shop they were £3-£4, I know that isn't breaking the bank exactly but for something that will probably get thrown away I decided to head to Wilkinson's, I am absolutely loving this store at the moment for anything and everything and surprise surprise they did their own version of Party Feet.....

Dancing Feet Gel Cushions 80p!!!


            Simply place inside the bottom of your shoes and there you go....now I danced that much my feet are still a little sore but I didn't get that crippling need to take my shoes off while I'm out (come on ladies we have all done it at some point).

I ended up having a fantastic time!!

Do you shops at 'Wilkos'?

Are you going on a works Christmas party?




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