Eyebrows - How Do You Groom Yours.....

Recently my own eyebrows have had a mind of their own, growing in the most bizarre way (thank the lord for Benefit's Brow Zings!!!) and I got talking to a couple of friends who were telling me about their eyebrow woes.

Now some people like the good old fashioned pencil to style their brows, others, like myself, like a handy kit to keep our brows groomed and some lucky, lucky people have naturally beautiful brows. Everyone has their own opinion on how brows should be shaped and styled, I like to try and keep mine groomed but as close to my natural arch as possible.

I have browsed the web and I have found some very very interesting styles.....

Now before I get accused of being a 'bitchy blogger' I just want to point out that there is no right or wrong way of styling your brows and everyone has the right to style their brows however they please, but to me these styles are a little bit different!

I have some top tips for keeping your brows in tip top condition.....

-Don't over pluck! Getting pluck happy on your brows can leave you with very little to work with, you can loose the volume of brows and this will more than likely leave you with thin lines on your head. Pluck a little bit at a time.

-NEVER SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS! I will hold my hands up, more than ten years ago, I was a stupid teenager who followed the crowd and, with razor in hand, shaved the areas I didn't want, this will never end well and the realisation you need to grow them back before you can fix them properly is a very embarrassing process!

-Brow products are your best friend. If you accidentally pluck too much, or your brows are light, not as defined as you want them to be....get yourself a decent brow kit and my personal preference is one with a brow wax, not a balm. They help so much to create a defined look with minimal effort.

-If you have long eyebrows don't be afraid to give them a little trim, be very very careful though! No one wants a side on view of unruly brows poking out.

-Follow your natural shape. Your eyebrows can change the whole of your look, try to follow your natural shape if you have difficulty pop into a local beauty salon, most places will tidy up your brows for less than £10!!

-Eyebrows are sisters, not twins! Yes we would like our eyebrows to be very similar in shape and style but remember our faces aren't symmetrical!!

Do you have any eyebrow styling tips? How do you style your brows?



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