Does Your Hair Need A Detox......

Over the party season (and most days for me) my hair gets straightened/curled, product upon product is applied. In one 'hair styling session' I go through shampoo, conditioner, serum if needed, hair oil and then possibly hair/shine spray! That's a whole lot of products on my hair, and sometimes this can weigh my hair down!

I was recently asked if I would like to test out a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner which claims to detox your hair, I was excited to try this 97% natural product but I didn't have high hopes as previous 'natural' hair products didn't really WOW me.

*Naked Detox peppermint and sorrel leaf 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is available in selected Boots stores - £4.07 for 250ml which is a great sized bottle.

"Infused with peppermint and sorrel leaf, this clever clogs shampoo and conditioner helps to deep cleanse and moisturise the hair leaving it feeling fresh, clean and full of life. The two-in-one formula is the ideal detoxifier for busy girls on the go who don't have time in their schedule to be weighed down by the hair."


Like I said earlier I didn't have high hopes for the products but how wrong I was. 

I opened the lid to have a sniff of what was inside and at first the smell took me aback, the first word that came in to my head was 'green' strange I know, but it has a real leafy smell which has really grown on me.

I jumped in the shower and put it to the test, this lathered up fantastically, which previous natural shampoos haven't done, lots of bubbles and it was really easy to rinse out, the one thing I wasn't too keen on is it being 2 in 1 as I have never used a 2 in 1 before and my hair can get quite knotty when wet so I feel a conditioner helps my hair be more manageable when wet but I didn't use and any went on to dry my hair.....


My hair was slightly knotty to comb while wet but not half as much as it would have been if I just used shampoo showing it does have the conditioner present but I don't think I could completely cut out my conditioning addiction (yes I think I am addicted to conditioner), once my hair was dry I instantly noticed how light and fluffy it was, now fluffy isn't usually a great word when it comes to hair but my hair is usually heavy and frizzy so fluffy was a nice change!

I really am converted on this product! I usually use John Frieda shampoo and conditioner but I am seriously considering cutting out the John Frieda shampoo and using this product as my hair feels that nice!!!

I have checked out Naked's website and they have such a huge range, I want to try so much of it!!!

Have you heard of this brand?

Do you use a natural hair product?




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