Ben Nye Banana Powder.....

You may have heard about Ben Nye Banana Powder as it's said that the gorgeous Kim Kardashian uses it, it's a multi-purpose powder that you can use to set your make up, as an under eye brightener or a concealer. I was really pleased when I was sent* this to test out.....

The powder does look yellow (hence the name I suspect) but this can be used on any skin tone as it adapts beautifully, I have quite fair skin and it is fantastic for my skin, but I have read many reviews of people with different skin tones who also love using it.

The pot is just HUGE, you get a whopping 85g of product which will last absolutely ages! Which makes the price really really reasonable at just £11.50, it is quite hard to buy in the UK so shop around, Ebay sellers sell this at inflated prices as do Amazon......

My one complaint about the powder is the packaging, to get the product out you have to tip it into something like a lid of another product which is what I am doing, it reminds me of a talc style package, not very easy to use in that way, but I love the product so that I can live with!

Have you tried or heard of the 'famous' Banana Powder?




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