Zhuoshina Face Brush, Real Techniques Dupe.....


I was recently having a browse on Ebay and came across some makeup brushes that looked very very similar too Real Techniques brushes, I also remember someone mentioning these brushes a while a go but I couldn't remember where I had seen them. These brushes are from Hong Kong and most definitely duplicates of our much loved Real Techniques brushes.....

The brush above was described as a 'stippling' brush and cost a mere £1.87 delivered FREE. I had to order one to see for myself what they are like. They come in many styles (01, 02, 03, 04, 05) which are basically blush brush, foundation brush, stippling brush, powder brush and buffing brush.....

The brush on top in the picture above is my beloved RT Stippling Brush, I adore this brush, it applies my foundation beautifully and leave me with a flawless finish. As you can see the brush at the bottom of the picture above is very very similar, this is the dupe from Hong Kong. I have to say the brush head itself is extremely soft and also applies foundation really nicely.....

While holding the duplicate brush and using it you can tell the difference, the fibres are a different colour, the handle is a different size and slightly different shade of pink, for £1.87 I think this brush is great value for money although this brush may not last as long as my Real Techniques brush. I will use this a lot though as I didn't want to fork out for another RT Stippling brush to apply cream blushers (I have heard the stippling brushes are great for applying cream blushers) so this cheaper version will come in very handy!

All in all I am impressed with the brush considering how much I paid for it and I will be using it. These brushes would be great for people on a budget, someone just starting their brush collection or someone like me who just wants a couple of extra brushes for using now and again.

Have you seen these brushes?




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