TKmaxx Bargain Winter Haul.....

Here in the UK it's getting colder and colder, I was sorting through my wardrobe and realised I don't have many jumpers and I really wanted a new coat. I am starting a new job next week so until pay day (in 1 whole months time) I am trying not to spend a lot of money but if I waited a month to get a coat I may have frozen to death! So when my lovely Dad gave me a £50 TKmaxx voucher I was over the moon! Here is what bargains I got.....

I really love this jumper, it's from a make called Sperico, it's not a chunky knit but it's not a thin knit, somewhere in between, I think this would look great dressed up or down with a pair of skinny jeans. This cost me.....

£12 reduced from £19.99! Bargain! 

The next jumper I got is a loose fitting chunky knit jumper that is so unbelievably cosy and warm, it's from the brand Qed London. I can see me wearing this a lot over the winter, it has cute pocket details and would look great with skinny jeans or leggings and boots!

This was a real steal at.....

£14.99! This is a current season jumper too which is fabulous! TKmaxx have some gorgeous jumpers at extremely reasonable prices, you can view them here.

Next I needed a coat. Now There were a lot of Parker style coats but I am not really keen on them, I know lots of people love them but with me being quite curvy I need something cosy but fitted and I found this absolute bargain.....

In the picture it looks grey as the sun was shining through my window but it's black, inside it is fleece lined and has a waist belt to give me that fitted look. It is extremely warm, practical but could be dressed up with a pretty scarf. This cost.....

£19.99!!!!!! I can't believe I got my winter coat for £20, I have bought coats from Primark for £20 or under and they really don't last very long at all, the quality of this coat feels great so I am hoping it will look after me during the winter months! They have some fabulous coats on offer which you can find here.

So for these 3 lovely items I spent just under £47.00! I still have lots of other winter bits to get but it's a great start!

Are you all ready for winter?




  1. Great bargain on the coat! I just bought a similar style for £35, should've gone to TkMaxx! x

    1. I would have never thought to go to TKmaxx, but i'm glad I did now! You have great taste Sam ;)


  2. Wow you got some bargains Love the two jumpers. I haven't been to TK maxx in so long, need to pop in.



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