My Favourite Face Masks: Budget & Luxury.....

I love face masks. I love nothing more than sinking into the bath with my face smothered in an indulgent mask, but after years of testing out different masks, the most expensive masks don't necessarily mean they are the best.

I am currently using 3 different face masks from budget to the more indulgent brands.....

Etat Pur Express Purifying Mask RRP - £8.70.
Superdrug Mud Therapy Raspberry Mask RRP: £2.59.
Molton Brown Deep Cleanse Snow Clay Mask RRP approximately £20.00 (this isn't available to buy any more).

I love all three of these masks for different reasons, the Molton Brown is no longer available to buy as I have had it for a while but I have tried other Molton Brown face masks and they are extremely luxurious, this one is lovely and really thick, it also has a relaxing cooling effect on the skin, I usually use this one if I am having a long soak in the bath!

The Etat Pur mask is my usual go-to mask, if I am having a bad skin day and I am jumping in the shower I will put this on ten minutes before hand, it's thinner than the Molton Brown so dries quicker, it leaves my skin feeling fresh!

One of my favourite masks is the cheapest from Superdrug, I have spoken about it before as I have repurchased this mask twice (must be good!), I use this mask if I feel like I need a deep cleanse as this mask has crushed raspberry seeds inside so it acts as a face mask and face scrub when you are removing it, it also smells amazing!

Tonight though I am using this mask that I forgot I had tucked away in my samples box.....

 Montagne Jeunesse Hot Masque Apricot & Almond Oil RRP approx £1.00 for 20ml..... 

The smell of this mask is delicious, you can really smell the apricot! I have tried many of these masks before and I have to say this is one of the thinnest one I have tried, it applied really nicely though! My skin feels really soft but slightly hot even after taking it off and drying my face, I think I prefer cooling face masks!

What is your favourite face mask?




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