My Favourite Anti-Ageing Serum.....

I have been looking for a good quality serum for a long time. At 25 I know I am not old but I have started seeing the dreaded signs of ageing, the skin on my eyelids have started to thin out and crows feet are creeping up on me, so for some time now I have been testing out anti-ageing serums.

The first few I tested out were really greasy leading me to believe all serums were greasy, with me having oily skin this is definitely not what I want. I then got a sample from Debenhams a while back and after using it for a couple of weeks I can firmly say it is the best serum I have used.....

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum RRP £47.00 for 30ml.

Now first of all I would never usually want to spend almost £50.00 on a skincare item but my skin just loves this product. I apply it and within seconds my skin has soaked it up leaving no grease on my face at all.

The serum is an orange/beige shade and smells really nice, I can't describe the smell but as with most Origins products they smell so natural.

The sample I got from Debenhams is 5ml and has lasted me a good few weeks so 30ml would last a good few months depending on how much you use, as this sample doesn't have a pump I have probably been using slightly too much so it wouldn't surprise me if the 30ml would last 6 months plus!

It is so lovely to apply and I can feel a difference in my skin already, not as such that it has magically banished my problem areas but my skin looks much much healthier, this is the first Origins product I have used and I am very impressed. I think I will be visiting an Origins counter to test out some products as this one has really impressed me.

Have you tried Origins before?




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