Lipstick Storage For Under £3.....

As a lipstick addict I have always wanted a Muji style acrylic storage so I can display all of my lipsticks, I like to be able to see each shade as they are usually shoved in a drawer and lipsticks get over looked.....poor things! So when I saw on a blog (I can't remember for the life of me whose blog it was) about a lipstick holder for less than £3.00 I had to have it.....

The seller on Ebay is from Hong Kong so delivery can take up to 3 weeks but this arrived within 2 weeks. I cannot believe this cost me £2.99 FREE DELIVERY!!!!

I am going to be ordering another 2 of these as I have lots more lipsticks to display, I have put all different sizes of lip products in here and most of them fit nicely!

I am so pleased with this,

How do you store your lipsticks?




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