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Forever living products are a brand I have never heard of, I am not sure why not as they have been around for many many years, they use Aloe Vera in most (if not all) of their products and after a quick google, many of their products have multiple uses, some people that suffer from dry skin or skin conditions swear by this companies products.

 A while a go a lovely lady called Megan sent me some sample sachets to test out.....

Forever Aloe Heat Lotion RRP £12.24 for 118ml.

I used this soothing lotion after sleeping funny one night resulting me waking up with a bad back, my other half popped some on for me and it really did help soothe the pain, I'm not keen on the smell of this but it's smells like most muscle relaxing products (think Deep Heat)

I was also sent some sachets of toothpaste!! Forever Bright Toothgel RRP £5.75 for 130g.

I forgot to take a picture of the toothgel so here is one I found on good old Google, at first I thought it was going to taste horrendous as it was a deep dark green that reminded me of slime but how wrong was I, this toothgel is the nicest I have tasted in a long time, it's minty but also quite sweet leaving my teeth squeaky clean, I currently use WhiteGlo toothpaste and I am thinking about swapping over to this toothgel as for me it tasted delicious!!

I was also sent some body moisturiser which managed to get tucked away in my samples box so I will be reviewing them separately very soon.

If you would like to take a look at the Forever Living Products you can find Megan's website HERE. 

They do a really versatile range from drinks, skincare, supplements to makeup! Yes makeup! Why not have a little browse and test out this cruelty-free brand.

Have you heard of Forever Living before?




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