My Staple Summer Lipstick.....

For the whole of this summer I have been wearing this lipstick like crazy! Bright pink is my absolute favourite shade at the moment and after lusting over MAC Girl About Town for quite some time but trying to save some cash, I picked up this.....

MUA Lipstick in shade 3 RRP £1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just so 'me', I used to be so scared of bright lipsticks, and to be honest I am still a little bit scared of reds but I adore this lipstick. It's a hot pink that I think is very similar to MAC's Girl About Town and with MAC lippies being £15.00 it has saved me a few pennies too.

The pictures below don't do the shade justice, I am having a very bad skin day today hence the super close ups, but I hope this gives you a feeling of what this shade is like. Absolutely amazing! I will definitely be repurchasing this and I will even continue wearing it over the Autumn until I swap back to plum shades for winter.

Do you have a fave summer lipstick?




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